3 Little Pigs Article Marketing

This little piggy went to the market…and this little piggy stayed home, and marketed her online articles! There are three ways to take on article marketing. Just like the story of the three little pigs, only one works and withstands the storms of the competition “wolf.”

The Straw House pig roast nj

This piggy was one who set out to do something, but barely even considered the consequences. He created articles that were dull. Worst of all there were spelling and grammatical errors everywhere. Instead of thinking it through, he focused on quantity not quality, and all he was left with was straw at his feet, and no additional money coming through his blown through website.

The Stick House

The second little piggy, the stick house piggy, tried a bit more than the first piggy. She created articles that were filled with keywords, but so many that it took away from the content. She placed her articles on her website, and in only one online directory. It was a good start, and she caught some readers’ eyes. However, her stick house fell apart when she didn’t include a resource box letting her reader know where to find additional information!

The Brick House

Then came along the third little pig. Her brother and sister were off at the market, buying roast beef and then crying wee, wee, wee all the way to her sturdy house. They knocked at her door and she said, “come in”, as she was busy working on and marketing her articles. They watched as she proofread articles, and researched and submitted articles to online directories. Finally when that wolf (her competition) came along, to blow her house down, she wasn’t afraid. Her efforts and success blew the competition all the way back to the market!

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